The SmartPGH Consortium

Working Better Together

Mayor Bill Peduto at the SmartPGH Consortium kickoff meeting.

The SmartPGH Consortium is made up of representatives from government, public authorities, utilities, universities, community organizations, philanthropy, and corporations. It’s designed to provide the structure for collaborative planning and decision-making. Consortium members work together to quickly identify opportunities to leverage existing infrastructure and coordinate investments to encourage innovation and shared prosperity.

The Consortium is the foundation for SmartPGH. It ensures that infrastructure investments are optimized and that project and capital coordination become standard operating procedure. This governance structure is designed to outlive changes in political and corporate leadership.

The Consortium is chaired by Mayor William Peduto and held its inaugural meeting on May 13, 2016, during which time members created the following mission statement:

“We believe in using our collective resources to ensure that SmartPGH results in a system of transportation networks that are more efficient, effective, and equitable for all. We will become the global model for urban transportation planning, replicating our effective approach within this region and out to others across the United States. We will be the keepers of the SmartPGH vision, providing leadership, input, oversight, and accountability.”