Autonomous Shuttle Network

Connecting Community Assets

We’re developing connected automation technology to enhance and support autonomous safety and performance. Partnering with U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT), Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), and Uber, SmartPGH will demonstrate successful autonomous-assisted usage by connecting neighborhoods through accessible, energy-efficient transportation. With the help of Pittsburgh’s Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), we will connect the net-zero energy ALMONO site in Hazelwood with the Oakland neighborhood and Downtown. A new transit-only cartway will be built through Schenley Park, replacing and improving some of the city park’s pedestrian and cyclists trails, and providing a unique solution to Greenfield and Hazelwood’s frequently flooded infrastructure.

The new transportation route connecting Hazelwood to Oakland and Downtown will save commuters over 75 minutes of public transportation time as well as provide immediate benefits to residents of Hazelwood and Greenfield. This development will dramatically improve these communities’ access to education, healthcare, and retail services to help stimulate further development of these neighborhoods.

The proposed autonomous shuttle loop, which will stop at the ALMONO site, Hazelwood Ave & 2nd Ave., CMU at Boundary St., 4 Mile Run at Boundary St., and the Pittsburgh Technology Center
Proposed autonomous shuttle loop

Providing access to residents who have lacked reliable, frequent public transit for many years is a core component of this deployment.

Schenley Park’s proposed multi-use trail bridge will be constructed to connect the Junction Hollow Trail with existing trail networks in the eastern portion of the city park to provide legal crossing for pedestrians and cyclists. All of this will be coordinated and integrated with future efforts to improve Panther Hollow Lake, the Four Mile Run Watershed, and Schenley Park’s trail network and other recreational facilities in the Hollow.

The improved large-scale green infrastructure implemented in Junction Hollow will also reduce flooding in the Greenfield and Hazelwood neighborhoods, moving toward compliance under the Allegheny County Sanitary Authority’s water quality consent decree with the EPA.